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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A few of Forrest's favorite things...

Forrest and his BFF, "Hercules," both
cribbing on a stall guard. *Note Forrest's
"fugly gold turnout bell boots*
For entertainment purposes only, this blog post will consist entirely of some of Forrest's favorite--and least favorite--things. From his food to his quirks to his favorite pop star, here is a look into what Forrest's tastes are (in no particular order... obviously.)

Forrests favorite things…

1. Rolling

2. Cribbing

3. Jumping

4. Lady Gaga (who he loves listening to while he's being groomed or bathed)

5. His breakfast

6. His dinner

7. Octavia, his favorite barn cat  

8. Cookies

9. His best friend, Hercules

10. Vetrolin baths  

Forrest’s (least) favorite things…

1. Dressage

2. His crib collar

3. Standing still

4. Anything that comes in a spray bottle

5. Horse flies

6. The farrier

7. The vet

8. Tinkerbell, his least favorite barn cat

9. His best friend Hercules’s love interest, Edna

10. Non-Vetrolin baths  

I hope you've enjoyed this basically nonsensical entry. The next one will be much more serious, I can assure you.

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